Dine outdoors. Enjoy the company of friends and family outdoors. Just spend more time outdoors. Our designers will make the best use of your available space to transform your outdoor living with a spectacular new patio.


Looking for that grand addition to afford you spectacular views of your backyard’s patio and landscape? Wish to increase your outdoor living space while increasing your property’s value? Want to make the best possible use of your land or replace an old, rotting deck? Then satisfy all these longings and more with a gorgeous new deck.

Whether from cedar, redwood or high-performance composites, if you can dream it, we can build it. Our experienced team will ensure the design is as timeless as it is functional.

Does an impressive deck make a home? That’s for you to decide. Does an impressive deck make a home that much more remarkable? Absolutely. It’s a statement that won’t go unnoticed—or unused.

Firepit & Fireplace

Few things in life are as enchanting as an outdoor fire. A sensory delight, your new firepit or fireplace will bring soothing warmth, light and crackle to your outdoor area. It’s also a perfect finishing touch for your patio, guaranteed to spark up unforgettable conversations while bringing you lasting enjoyment and a lifetime of fond memories.

Outdoor Kitchens

Love to cook? Love to entertain?

Work hand-in-hand with our design team to make the outdoor kitchen of your dreams a stunning reality. From custom granite countertops and grills large enough to feed an army of family, friends and colleagues to cedar ceilings and metal roofs, the options are endless.

Nothing makes a statement—or increases your property value—quite like the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. But why stop there? Top it all off with a patio roof, and your ultimate outdoor cooking experience just became your ultimate outdoor dining experience, too.


Tired of that plain old concrete walkway? Then bring your home new curbside appeal while increasing its value with a lovely, meandering walkway. It may still take you to your front door and back, but the trip is guaranteed to be more enjoyable.

Choose from a variety of materials that suit your taste and augment your landscape’s existing beauty. Add in some thoughtfully placed landscape lighting and watch your property take on a whole new—and irresistible—look in the evenings.

A new walkway is one of the easiest home investments you can make, and one you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Landscape Lighting

Beautify your home while enhancing its value and security with the aesthetic appeal of carefully placed landscape lighting.

Inviting pathway lighting gently guides visitors to your door. Uplighting highlights the natural beauty of your trees and plantings while shadowing techniques cast alluring silhouettes across your home’s facade. So why not turn a day outdoors into a night outdoors with the graceful warmth brought by patio cap lights?

Because we work exclusively with energy-efficient LED lighting, you’ll go up to a decade before needing to change out bulbs. Plus, photocells and timers mean that when the sun goes down, your lights come up for a genuinely effortless, maintenance-free experience.


Elegant and attractive, pergolas bring partial shade to all or part of an otherwise exposed patio space. Escape the sun’s rays without putting another roof over your head by relaxing under your pergola instead. Your partial-shade plants will be happy to relax with you, too.

Patio Roofs

When you desire more protection from the elements than a pergola can offer, a stunning patio roof is the answer—especially when constructed over an outdoor kitchen, firepit or both. Add a ceiling fan and inbuilt lighting, and you’ll have taken your outdoor living and entertaining experience to the next level. If you can brave the elements, you may even find yourself grilling year-round.

Our experienced designers will ensure your new patio roof seamlessly matches your home’s architecture. So, while it may be brand new, it will look and feel as familiar as your home itself.

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