Landscape Design & Installation

Aside from helping you design and install your first landscape, we also breathe new life into existing landscape installations. Even the best landscaping job has a shelf life of 10 to 15 years. Start with a clean slate or let us revive your landscape piece by piece. In either case, we’ll install warrantied plants that match the sizes and shapes of their neighbors for a completely seamless effect.

Landscape Lighting

Beautify your home while enhancing its value and security with the aesthetic appeal of carefully placed landscape lighting.

Inviting pathway lighting gently guides visitors to your door. Uplighting highlights the natural beauty of your trees and plantings while shadowing techniques cast alluring silhouettes across your home’s facade. So why not turn a day outdoors into a night outdoors with the graceful warmth brought by patio cap lights?

Because we work exclusively with energy-efficient LED lighting, you’ll go up to a decade before needing to change out bulbs. Plus, photocells and timers mean that when the sun goes down, your lights come up for a genuinely effortless, maintenance-free experience.

Annual & Seasonal Planting

Bring color and style to your home that never goes out of season. We choose and place seasonally matched flowers and plants so you don’t have to. Imagine having your summer annuals removed in September and replaced with hearty mums, cabbage, and kale.

Your home’s plantings will be meticulously maintained year-round as we replace them with the seasons. Whether you lack a green thumb, want to impress your neighbors, or are just too busy to plant with the seasons, you’ll absolutely love taking advantage of this service.

Privacy Screens

Add privacy and aesthetics to your home or patio with the natural fencing of arborvitae or privet hedges. These plantings muffle noise from the street or nearby neighbors and are as easy to maintain as they are easy on the eyes. We’ll help you choose from a number of options—including deer-resistant varieties—to find an ideal fit for your taste, neighborhood, and environment

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