As spring’s mild weather begins to yield to summer’s heat and humidity, you’ll see us hard at work preparing lawns around your neighborhood for a season’s worth of enjoyment. Let us ensure your lawn is also lush and vibrant, and prepared for months of playing, picnicking, and more.

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If you’re anything like us, you spend more time on your lawn during the summer months than other times of the year. That increased foot traffic, along with insects, heat, and dry weather isn’t easy on your grass. Thankfully, our thoughtfully developed care regimens are designed to both fortify and beautify your property during the most torrid and sultry of summers.

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Mowing, leaf cleanup, trimming and pruning, lime applications, aerating and overseeding, and seed-starter fertilization are just some of the tasks that go into fall lawn care. Together, they ensure your turf is protected through the harsh winter months, ready to return to its full, lush glory come springtime and the warmer weather it brings.

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Hardscape Cleaning & Restoration

Is your hardscape looking a bit dull? Let us restore it to like-new condition using safe techniques that won’t compromise its durability. We’ll start with a careful pressure washing to completely clean the hardscape. We’ll then remediate problem areas, re-sand joints and apply a protective sealer. The only way you’ll know we haven’t installed a brand-new patio is because we finish most jobs in a single day.

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