Edging, Weeding, and Mulching of Beds and Trees

The aesthetic difference skilled care of your beds and trees makes is impossible to ignore—and the health benefits only amplify the difference. Edging around beds delivers that crisp, professional look you yearn for as well as providing a barrier to prevent mulch from crossing over to your turf. Professionally laid mulch is spread evenly at the perfect height, mitigating soil erosion and compaction while improving moisture retention and organic composition. Routine weed control—either by pulling or spraying—is essential if you want to maintain your healthy and now exceedingly attractive property. Without it, plant growth is restricted as weeds compete for space, nutrients, and water. They also make for unattractive walkways and block drainage pipes. Finally, weeding keeps away insects and diseases that diminish the health of your trees, plants and gardens.

Mowing, Trimming and Edging

Without a consistent mowing, trimming and edging regimen, your lawn’s health and beauty will suffer. Mowing during growth seasons keeps your lawn at the perfect height to continuously flourish, especially with the increased foot traffic nice weather brings. We redistribute clippings to fertilize naturally, returning essential nitrogen to your soil. Perfect trimming and edging around your entire property give it that professional, squared-off look that is impossible to achieve on your own, especially near walkways, driveways and sidewalks. You’ll be as proud as your neighbors are jealous.

Summer Trimming and Pruning of Shrubs and Plants

Trimming and pruning shrubs and plants not only encourages healthy growth and blooming foliage, it also removes dead and disease-ridden stems that attract insects and even more disease. Moreover, it prevents fast-growing shrubs from taking light and nutrients from nearby plants that require plenty to stay healthy. Add in shaping of small trees, and your property will look perfect through summer and beyond.

Fertilization and Pesticide Applications

Fertilization is a three-season job that is essential to maintaining a healthy turf across all four seasons. In spring, a perfectly timed fertilization jump starts your turf and prevents unwanted seed germination. Summer is more challenging, and it takes a keen eye to know if an emergency treatment is needed to protect your green investment. Cool-weather fertilization in late fall is crucial, and helps your grass produce more chlorophyll and sugar to sustain its health through the winter. Finally, it is you who should be enjoying your property, not pests. Pesticide applications are necessary not only to keep the bugs away but also to keep them from spreading disease and eating away at your perfectly manicured landscape.

Grub Prevention

In our experience, nearly half of all lawns will face grub issues. Fend off grubs and the damage they cause by taking advantage of our preventive techniques so effective they include a warranty should grub damage become a problem after a year of care.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas, ticks and other surface insects not only damage your lawn, but can also cause harm to you, your family and your pets. Ensure your personal safety and protect your lawn against infestations from grass-feeding nuisances throughout the spring and summer months with our three-step treatment plan.

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito-management solution utilizes a kid- and pet-safe spray around the perimeter of your property, and near all the shrubs and plants that attract mosquitoes. To achieve the best results, we’ll begin with the first of four applications in late spring. We’ll then carefully time the remaining applications, the last of which occurs in early fall.